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Photographs of the Artist
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Work Locations
      Watertown, New York
          Looking up Arsenal Street
          Public Square looking east
          Looking North up Court Street
          Public Square looking west
          Public Square looking east
          Washington Street looking south
          Public Square looking east
          Public Square looking east
          Public Square looking west

      Point Vivian Studio, New York

      Portland, Oregon
          Gleall Castle
          Champoeg, Oregon
          Santa Monica
          South Pasadena

      J. B. Squier


Paintings by Théodore Gégoux  (1850 - 1931)
      Catalog of Known Works
      as of June 2001

      Individual Works of Art
          Inception of the Birth of Oregon
              Hazel & Frank Gégoux
          The Salute
          The Abernethy Farm
          The Willamette River
          Justin W. Weeks
          The Portland Rose
          A Young Paganini
          Carting Hay
          Mayors of Portland, Oregon
          Supreme Court Justices of NY
          The Teacher

      The Evans Room
          Water Lillies in a Vase
          Québec Harvesters
          Still Life Pansies
          Carnations on Tiger Maple
          Water Lilies
          Infant Portrait
          The Hunter
          Three Fishermen

    The Baumert Room
          H. (Helen) Maude Baumert
          A Wooded Creek
          Train at Great Bend, N.Y.
          Carnations on Wood
          A Painted Conch Shell
          High Falls Gorge on the Au Sable River

    The Gégoux Gallery
          A Bag of Apples
          Two Apples on a Plate
          One Apple
          A Basket of Apples
          Cut Glass Bowl of Apples
          A Bunch of Grapes
          Three Jars of Jelly #1
          Three Jars of Jelly #2
          Glass Bowl of Apples
          Two Apples on a Dish
          Grapes on a Table
          Dessert with Cream
          The Peach
          Three Roses
          Carnations on Tiger Maple
          Water Lilies
          An Orchid
          Another Orchid
          The Portland Rose
          A Bunch of Roses
          A Rose on Wood Panel
          Another Rose on Wood
          A Rose carved in Wood
          Three Roses on Wood
          One Rose on Wood
          The Creek
          Three Fishermen
          The Hunter
          The Island
          Keewaydin Mansion
          Mountains on the Coast
          The Southwest Museum
          The Abernethy Farm
          The Willamette River From Inspiration Point
          The Topanga Canyon
          A Fire Scene
      Ocean Scenes
          Distant Sailor
          Eastern Coast
          Sunrise at Castle Rock, Santa Monica
          Distant Vessel
          Birds Over Haystack Rock
          Stormy Sunset
          Coast in Pastel
          Marian Griswold
          A Portrait of Two Girls
          Mother and Daughter
          Portrait of Marian Estelle Cooper
          Infant Portrait
          Portrait of a Woman
          Portrait of Another Woman
          Portrait of a Young Boy
          Portrait of a Young Man
          Portrait of a Young Woman
      Historic Works
          The Inception of the Birth of Oregon
          Keewaydin Mansion in the Moonlight
          Colonel Alex Piper
          Governor Flower of New York.
          Adolph Jette
          André Longtain
          Genevieve Longtain, daughter of André