Watertown Times  
Watertown, New York, Saturday, November 28, 1896  
Artist Gegoux's Picture Accepted  
Artist Theodore Gegoux of this city, has received notice from John W. Beatty, director of the great art exhibition in the Carnegie Art galleries at Pittsburgh, PA., that his picture entitled  "A Young Paganini"  has been accepted and given a position as No. 117.

The handsome book published by the exhibition gives his name and the title and number of the picture. The work is an evening scene representing a musical student playing the violin by lamplight. The rich colorings and strong contrasts and effects of this kind of work, as well as in more delicate lines, Mr. Gegoux has always been exceedingly successful, and it is no great surprise, though it is a source of much gratification to his many friends and admirers throughout Northern New York, that his work has been so signally honored as to be selected for exhibition from among the many hundreds of pictures which have been offered at Pittsburgh.  

The Title Page from this Exhibtion Book
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