"Topanga Canyon"
By  Theodore Gegoux   (1850 - 1931)
Topanga Canyon

Painted in Southern California.
Photo by David Blattel 2000
Oil on canvas, measuring 17 1/2 inches by 29 inches.  Signed by  Gegoux , and dated 1914.  Painted at Topanga Canyon, California.  Gegoux was interested in capturing the "marine layer" effect of this coastal area.  In this effort he would travel to the beach at Topanga Canyon and each morning observe the dominant atmospheric effect known as the "Catalina Eddy".  This vortex forms periodically off Santa Catalina Island and throws marine air on shore, resulting in periods of up to a week or more when fog persists through out most of the day.  Excerpts from "The Topanga Story", edited by Louise Armstrong York, © All Rights Reserved.  
The wetlands of old can be seen in this image, from circa 1914, which shows the entrance to Topanga Canyon viewed from the southeast looking northwest.  Courtesy of the Ernest Marquez Collection, © All Rights Reserved.  This painting was acquired from the estate of the Mary Eldriedge - Champoeg, Oregon.  
My grateful appreciation to Elisabeth Walton Potter for her help in describing this paintings and providing provenance information.