Theodore Gegoux  
(1850 - 1931)  
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Class of 1968 
"No banquets are ever thrown to the idler." - Theodore Gegoux to grandson Victor, November 1920
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Spilled Strawberries
Carnations on Wood
Willamette River
John Hill Crowner

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Special Features     Lost ,   Found ,   Posthumous ,    Disclaimer   Catalog of known  Works  by Theodore Gegoux
Looking for Theolsegoux or Gegoux signatures.
Biography - Part 1 Biography - Part 1
Theodore Gegoux
The New York Years (1873-1909)
Genealogy Genealogies of the Gegoux Families
Lineage to 1600s, New World families
      Updated  October 2018
Theo Gegoux Biography - Part 2
Theodore Gegoux
The West Coast Years (1910-1931)
Birth of Oregon "The Inception of the Birth of Oregon"
Exhibited at Champoeg State Park
The 1843 Champoeg Meeting - Name Game
Portrait of Two Girls "Portrait of Two Sisters"
Signed T. Gegoux and dated 1908
Courtesy of the McClellan collection.
The Salute "The Salute"
Lithograph, Copyrighted June 24th, 1897
Completed prior to - April 5th, 1894
Marian Griswold "Marian Griswold"
Signed T. Gegoux and dated 1880
An early example of Gegoux's crayon portraiture
Jefferson County Historical Society Jefferson County Historical Society
Watertown, New York
Updated August 14, 2007
Willamette River "The Willamette River From
Inspiration Point"
, circa 1920
Painting by Theodore Gegoux
Paganini Carving of Nicolò Paganini (1782 - 1840)
By Gegoux
J. Bonaparte Squier violin & Paganini articles
The Abernethy Farm "The Abernethy Farm"
Painted in the 1920
Impressionist painting by Gegoux
Pictures Pictures of Gegoux
Topanga Canyon "Topanga Canyon"
Painted in the 1914.
California painting by Gegoux
Violin Information about Gegoux
Autobiography, Newspaper articles, and Letters
New Portrait Gegoux Portraits from Back East
The Fisher Collection
Art Works Gallery of Gegoux Art
Indexed framepages with thumbnails
Baumert Room The Baumert Room
Paintings by Gegoux
The Mascari Collection
Visitors Center Acknowledgements
Thanks to all of the many contributors
The Evans Room The Evans Room
Paintings by Gegoux
The Evans Collection
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