"The Abernethy Farm"
By  Theodore Gegoux   (1850 - 1931)
Abernethy Farm
Photo by       Theodore Gegoux       2020 ©  
The Abernethy farm, or ranch, was located on the old Michel Framboise land claim, across the Willamette River from Champoeg.  Oil on composition board, measuring 30 1/2 inches by 47 1/16 inches.  Painted near the river boat landing, west of the Memorial House at Champoeg, Oregon.  Signed   Theodore Gegoux  and dated 1920.  The original inscription on the painting read, "Nestling among the hills is the home of Guy V. Abernethy".  The painting was originally acquired by Guy Victor Abernethy from the artist sometime after April 1921.  After Guy's death in the early 1950's, Mrs. Guy Abernethy remarried to Mr. Fredrick "Jack" Sargeant.  The painting was willed to Mr. Sargeant and became his after Mrs. Abernethy's death in 1962.  The painting was purchased from a Portland antique shop several years ago by Carolyn Dinsmore.  Mrs. Dinsmore later sold it Theodore Gegoux III.  Restoration of "The Abernethy Farm" was completed by Troy Lucas of the Lucas Conservation Laboratory, Inc. in Vancouver, Washington.  Troy's father, Jack Lucas, was the conservator who restored "The Inception of the Birth of Oregon", finishing in about 1979.  The beautiful Newcomb Macklin was hand carved in New York and finished by Nancy Thorn of Gold Leaf Restorations in Portland, Oregon.  We extend our grateful appreciation to Elisabeth Walton Potter for her help in describing this painting and providing provenance information.