Portrait of a Young Man, 1897
Art work by  Theodore Gegoux  (1850 - 1931)

Young Man, 1897   "Portrait of a Young Man"
Crayon on paper, 22 inches by 19 inches, signed and dated 1897.
This painting was recently sold at auction under the name Theolsegoux.  If you examine the signature you can see why.
Photographs by Theodore Gegoux  III   © Copyright 2006 - All Rights Reserved
  Dear Denise,  
Congratulations because you are doing a wonderful job with this artist.  I like your website.  
I found this painting during one of my purchasing expeditions around Florida in a corner of an antique store and with the original glass broken.  
I think that the seller did not notice it's high quality or maybe thought it was a print.  He told me the painting came from a local estate in Naples.  
I must admit that I am a little confused with your information.  The reason is because I found the surname "Theolsegoux" in Davenport's ...but I do not know if Theo Gegoux used a seudo-name...I think that this will be part of your research...I also feel that the style is close..and also the date.  
Please, do not hesitate to email me at your convenience.  
Information contributed by Daniel Martinez - February 14, 2006 © Copyright - All Rights Reserved.