Oregon Works by Theodore Gegoux  
Nine Gegoux Paintings catalogued by Elisabeth Walton Potter
Mrs. Eldriedge had an aunt who evidently was Mrs. Guy Victor Abernethy.  The Abernethy's had what was called a ranch on the old LaFramboise land claim, about one mile upriver (toward Newberg) from Champoeg.  I had learned that a painting of the Abernethy farm or ranch painted by Gegoux was in the possession of Frederick "Jack" Sargent of Hebo, Tillamook County, Oregon.  On June 29, 1979, I visited Mr. Sargent, then 88 years of age.  Sargent, a native of Cornwall, had come to Oregon from Saskatchewan in 1923 or 1924 to work in the harvest on the Abernethy ranch.  He stayed on in Oregon after landing a job in Portland.  In 1952 he married Abernethy's widow.  At her death in 1964, provisions of her will provided that Sargent would have the paintings which Gegoux had given to the Abernethys.  I saw nine paintings on cardboard and canvas that day and made brief notes, which I repeat below.  Mr. Sargent had no heirs, so it is impossible to say what happened to the paintings, I'm afraid.  The measurements are of picture surface exposed to view.  The frames made by artist.  

Abernethy Farm
1.    View of Abernethy ranch from south bank of the Willamette, "Home on the Hill," Chehalem Hills in background, fall season, rowboat drawn up to bank, pilings in center foreground, white frame Abernethy house on the north bank; oil on canvas, 29 1/2" x 49 1/2", palette: gold, orange foliage, blue sky, green landscape, water steel blue.  Framed.  

Sunset Over Horseshoe Falls
2.    River scene with falls and two bridge (?) bents, signed "T. Gegoux, 1925."  Oil on composition board, 17 1/4" x 28 1/2."  Framed.  

Still Life of Pears and Grapes
3.    Still life of pears and grapes, oil on comp. board, 8" x 11", signed "T. Gegoux, 1918."  Framed.  Palette: deep purple, Bartlett pear green, brown, ochre.  [Mr. Sargent remarked that he believed the grapes had been a gift of Abernethy's to the artist.]  
  Missing 4.    Mountain scene, possibly Mt. Rainer.  Unsigned.  Oil on canvas.  21 1/2" x 31".  Framed.  

Yosemite Falls
5.    Yosemite Falls*  Oil on composition board, 47.5" x 34", signed "T. Gegoux, 1920."  Framed.
* "Bridal Veil Falls"  
  Missing 6.    Columbia River Gorge landscape.  Unsigned.  Oil on canvas.  15 1/2" x 29 1/2".  

Seascape Sunset
7.    Seascape at sunset.  Oil on board.  Signed "T. Gegoux, 1925."  17 3/4" x 28 3/4".  
  Missing 8.    Seascape in storm, high waves breaking on rocks.  Oil on board.  Signed "Theo. Gegoux, 1924."  16 3/4" x 26 5/8".  Unframed.  Water damaged, warped and scratched.  
9.    Seascape, including shore pine, sun setting over shoreline breakers, calm sea.  Unsigned.  Oil on board.  22" x 30 1/2".  
Elisabeth Walton Potter - 1979, Salem Oregon

Follow up Information on these Nine Paintings
In the summer of 1988 all of these paintings were sold at a garage sale in Hebo, Oregon.  Mr. Sargent was going into a nursing home and his relations liquidated the estate.   Five of these paintings have been recently located ... but the four others have yet to be further catalogued.
These paintings are among those that Gegoux was offering for sale before leaving the Champoeg Memorial house in early 1925.  Please see Champoeg Sale.
Theodore Gegoux
Rancho Cucamonga, California