Another lost work of art by  Theodore Gegoux  (1850 - 1931)
Location Unknown
The Portrait of Miss Mamie McKay (1857 - 1879)
Crayon on paper, 1880 - posthumous
Whereabouts unknown

Jefferson County Journal, Adams, NY.

Jefferson County Journal - April 21, 1880
"There is on exhibition at Withington & Kneeland's a crayon portrait of Miss Mamie McKay by Professor Theodore Gegoux of Watertown.  It is from a photograph taken in Berlin during her absence abroad.  To say this is a fine portrait is modest praise indeed.  The oft-repeated complaint that crayons are cold and lifeless is fully answered in this as in all of his works.  There is in them a warmth and depth, a life and expression rarely attained by other artists.

Obituary of Mamie McKay - Jefferson County Journal, March 26, 1879  

The death of Miss Mamie McKay at age 21 years took place in Adams on March 19th, 1879 of consumption.  Miss Mimie McKay was the adopted daughter of Erastus Hale (1806 - 1884), who died July 31, 1884 at Adams, New York.