The MacIntyre Range of the Adirondacks
Algonquin among others while facing northeast.

MacIntyre Range of the Adirondacks "The MacIntyre Range of the Adirondacks"
Oil on canvas - 29" x 39" - Signed T. Gegoux.  Not dated.
Landscape shown here courtesy of Xavier Sanders Antiques - Nacogdoches, Texas.  936-560-3131
Xavier is offering the painting for sale at the price of $5,000 dollars.  
Photograph by private party. © Copyright - 2003 - All Rights Reserved
Mr. Alan Ratcliff offers the following description of the painting.  
The scene depicted in the painting appears to be part of the MacIntyre Range as viewed from the north or northeast.  It is actually one of the most photographed scenes in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks.  
The tallest peak on the right hand side of the painting is Algonquin Peak.  The two bumps to the right are Boundary and Iroquois Peaks.  The broader but shorter peak to the left of Algonquin is Wright Peak.  To the left of Wright is Mt. Colden (with the slides on the right side of it).  Down below and in the foreground between Colden and Wright is Mt. Jo.  
The tallest peak to the left of Colden is Mt Marcy.  I think the one in between Colden and Marcy is Gray Peak but I am not sure.  
I have attached a photo of Algonquin that I took last fall (2002) which was taken from a nearby spot, which hopefully can put things in a little better context.  
I hope this helped!  Awesome painting - can you tell me about the history of it and the artist?  
Alan Ratcliff, #1129
46er Webmaster