Two Girls with Rasberries Two Girls with Rasberries, 1898
Painted by Theodore Gegoux (1850-1931).
Oil on canvas measuring 40 inches by 30.25 inches.
Signed on the back of the canvas T. Gegoux, 1898.
Photographs by Theodore Gegoux  III   © Copyright 2007 - All Rights Reserved  
Painted at Watertown, New York circa 1900.  
    Some History of this Painting:
A couple of years ago in Black River New York during their village wide sales I purchased a painting.  The painting needs sum restoration but a steal for such a well painted picture.  The painting is of two young girls, they appear to be in their teens.  One is in a blue dress standing the other is in a pink dress sitting on a rock.  They are in a raspberry patch picking berries and putting them on a stick.  They are in front of rocks on the right side, in the left corner is a river or lake.  The painting measures 30 1/2 by 39 3/4,and signed on the back T. Gegoux 1898.  I will be interested in any information you may know about the girls in the painting.