Featuring portraits courtesy of   The Flanders Family
Art work by  Theodore Gegoux  (1850 - 1931)

Dedicated in Loving memory of Helen and Agnes Flanders of Rodman, New York
Helen Flanders   "The Portrait of Helen Flanders (1903 - 1994)"
Oil on Canvas.  Signed T. Gegoux 1906.
Photograph by Tempe Camera courtesy of the Flanders Family  © Copyright - All Rights Reserved  
     The subject of this portrait is Helen Mary Flanders (1903 - 1994) born and raised in Rodman. New York.
  Dear Mr. Gegoux,
  Thank you for your response.  
  "The Portrait of Two Girls" is made up of my mother (the younger girl) Agnes Louis Flanders Stetson, born 7-30-05 at Rodman N.Y.  She was raised her entire life on a dairy farm in Rodman.  She married Carl William Stetson in Watertown N.Y. and lived her entire life in Watertown until her death in August 1979.  The elder girl was my aunt, Helen Mary Flanders.  She was born 1-09-03 and was raised as my mother was in Rodman.  She was a registered nurse her entire life in Watertown.  She never married.  
  I am sure that my grandfather Earl K Flanders was the person that had the paintings commissioned.  If I find out any more information on this subject I will forward.  
  I do have in my possession another painting by your great grandfather that was done two years prior to the girls.  It is of my aunt by herself.  It was done in 1906.  I am forwarding a copy of the painting with this e-mail as well as your great grandfather's signature.  
  We are wondering if you would have any idea if it would be possible for us to get a professionally done photo or reproduction of "The Portrait of Two Girls".  any help on your part would be greatly appreciated.  If I can be of any further aide to your mission please let me know.  
  Anxiously awaiting your response.  
  Ruth Smith  
The provenance and dedication were contributed by Ruth H. (Stetson) Smith - April 30, 2004 © Copyright - All Rights Reserved.