Featuring portraits courtesy of   The Dickenson Family
Art work by  Theodore Gegoux  (1850 - 1931)
Woman's Portrait   "The Portrait of Woman"
Crayon on paper.  27 inches by 22 inches.  Signed Theo Gegoux 1880
Photograph by Theodore Gegoux III - 2001 © Copyright - All Rights Reserved
     This painting was found in a back woods house near Lorraine or Wurth.  Kathy's mother acquired the portrait nearly 30 years ago from an Andy Thompson at Adams, New York.  The identity of the woman is not known at this time.  Originally framed with an oval liner this portrait is now framed in a rectangular frame.  The outline of the original oval frame is visible on the paper but does not detract from the portrait.

The provenance was contributed by Kathy Dickenson of Adams, New York - October 25, 2001 © Copyright - All Rights Reserved.