Four lost works of art by  Theodore Gegoux  (1850 - 1931)
     Extracted from the newspaper "On the St. Lawrence" - August 18, 1893

.... Among the landscape paintings recently completed by Professor Theodore Gegoux of Watertown and Point Vivian is a moonlight scene on the St. Lawrence which is perfectly true to nature.  Another work which posses the stamp of genius is the illumination picture of ex-mayor Rose's cottage and the arched bridge connecting his place with Gypsy Island.  A scene off Fiddler's Elbow and one nearing completion entitled "The Fisherman" picture the exquisite harmony of the river and the vivid power of imagination of the artist.

Compiled by Mrs. Verda Corbin of Corbin's Studio
As reprinted in the Thousand Islands Sun, Alexandria Bay, NY, August 11, 1993.