Featuring Art work by  Theodore Gegoux  (1850 - 1931)
Courtesy of the Historical Association of South Jefferson County

Capt. W. A. Collings   "The Portrait of Capt W. A. Collings (1814 - 1886)"
Crayon on paper.  Theodore Gegoux, Del.

Captain W. A. Collings, son of John and Elizabeth (Mumery) Collings, was born in the parish of Saltwood, Kent, England, in 1814.  In youth he was apprenticed; but not liking the situation he ran away when 14 years old and went to sea, and for 20 years followed a seafaring life.  He then came to America and was a sailor on the great lakes till near the close of his life.  In 1853 he married Almira W. Wiles, and located in the village of Smithville.  He invented the Collings elastic truss, and also a medical compound, which his widow is still engaged in manufacturing, at Smithville. Mr. Collings died January 9, 1886.  
Hamilton Child's Gazetteer of Jefferson County - Town of Adams