Letters from Theo Gegoux to the Sylvester Cole family of Chatfield, Minn

Mr. Sylvester Cole
Fillmore County
Art Studio
Watertown, N.Y. October 9, 1882  
Mr. & Mrs. Cole,
Through the kindness of Mrs. Griswold I received your order for a crayon portrait.  I have carefully executed it and hope and trust that the work will meet your approbation.  In regards to sending the portrait by freight, the agent advised me not to, as it would be running a great risk of causing injury to it should the glass break.  I have therefore boxed it in a light basswood box and shipped it by Ex. this day.  
The expense of the portrait is twenty seven dollars $27.00, for framing ten $10.00 for $37.00 total.  
You ..... from the above amount one half of the express charges and box that which I will stand. I am anixious to know how you are pleased.  
Your Servant,
Theo Gegoux

Second Letter not dated  
Mrs. Sylvester Cole,
Your letter with check enclosed were duely received.  I must acknowledge that I feel doubly repaid for the execution of your son's portrait, You are so well pleased.  I should be glad to make more portraits for you or your friends at any future day.  I shall probably remain in Watertown for five or six years yet then will establish myself in New York.  You will please thank Mrs. Griswold for me as she has taken a great deal of pains to introduce my work among her friends.
Thank you for your favor I remain your servant,  
Theo Gegoux, artist  
PS - I send photos by this mail, I beg your pardon I forgot them.