Featuring Art work by  Theodore Gegoux  (1850 - 1931)

Cat   "The Portrait of Hims"
Oil on canvas.  14 inches by 11 inches.  Signed T. Gegoux and dated 1901.  
     This portrait is the first known painting from the year 1901 and the first known portrait of a pet.  Be on the look out for more of these paintings at estate sales in the years to come.  This one was acquired by a private party from an estate in Sandy Creek in about 1987.  
Photograph by Theodore Gegoux III - 2002 © Copyright - All Rights Reserved
The Oswego Daily Times - July 5, 1900 - Thursday
The Gegoux family of Watertown arrived a few days ago and occupied their cottage at Point Vivian for the summer.  Young Frank Gegoux brought with him his much beloved pet cat called Hims.  The cat is a large black and white animal weighing 18 pounds and is two years old.  This is the second season that the cat has spent the hot summer months on the St. Lawrence, and it seems to enjoy its outing.