A Bag of Apples
Painted by Theodore Gegoux (1850-1931)
Photo by Fran Bryant 1999
This painting is oil on canvas.  It measures 9 inches by 13 inches in size, and was signed and dated 1912.  During this period Gégoux had a working studio in the Gleall Castle at Portland, Oregon.

The following review was written by Parker Hodges in 1997 ©, All Rights Reserved:

"I've never counted myself as a fan of "still lifes" but this picture positively glows.  Your mouth waters looking at what are obviously moist, ripe apples just waiting to be bitten into.  Also of interest to me is the bag, which looks very, very real.  Crinkled and torn, as are many bags full of many objects, it, too, glows, like it's a wax bag.  There is also just a bit of tension as you eye the painting.  You are just waiting for the three apples at the "top", which are lying on one another, to break apart and tumble out onto the table, to its edge, and cascade to the floor."