News of Gegoux Portraits
Art work by  Theodore Gegoux  (1850 - 1931)

The Journal and Republican, Lowville, N. Y.
June 9, 1879  
C. D. Moore  is having executed a life size pastel portrait of his deceased sister.  Theo. Gegoux  is the artist.
The Journal and Republican, Lowville, N. Y.
Wednesday. Dec. 31, 1879  
Mr. Theodore Gegoux  has executed a very fine picture of the late Dr. West, of Carthage, and father of the Hon. D. C. West of this place.  Mr. Gegoux  has also painted an excellent portrait of the late Geo. Bush,  of Harrisburg.  This popular artist seems to have his hands full making portraits.

Watertown Times
December 19, 1881  
Miss Hattie R. Branagen,  formerly of Watertown, now of Antwerp, is having a life-size crayon portrait of her mother executed by professor Theodore Gegoux.

Watertown Herald
Saturday, Sept. 18, 1886  
The FAIR Jefferson County's Finest Show: Gegoux's Studio  was represented by some fine pictures in oil and crayon.  It was adorned by a life size crayon of "The Bride".

Watertown Herald
Saturday, March 24, 1888  
Two portraits from the studio of Theo. Gegoux  have been on exhibition at Wilson's art rooms.  One is a crayon of J. M. Tilden  of this city, and the other also a crayon, is a likeness of the late R. C. Read  of Sackets Harbor.

Watertown Herald
Sat, July 14, 1888  
A fine portrait of Thomas Rees,  of Clayton, has been on exhibition at Gegoux's Studio.

The Ogdensburg Advance and St. Lawrence Weekly Democrat
Ogdensburg, N. Y., Thursday, October 16, 1890.
Volume XXV., NO. 42
Gouverneur, Oct 13th. - A fine crayon portrait of the late Wallace Foster,  has just been completed by Prof. Gegoux.  This artist has done some fine work for parties here.  

Watertown Herald
Saturday, July 18, 1891  
Gegoux  has just completed a very lifelike pastel portrait of the late D. G. Wood,  of St. Lawrence county.

Watertown Herald
Saturday, Sept. 30, 1893  
A beautiful oil painting of Rev. C. E. Maxfield,  of the Baptist church, is on exhibition in the show window of H, J.Snook & Company's clothing store in the Woodruff house building.  It is from the brush of Artist Theo. Gegoux,  and the painting itself speaks the loudest praises for the excellence of the work.

Watertown Herald
Saturday, Dec 9, 1893  
Theo. Gegoux  has just finished a very fine life-sized crayon of the late Mrs. L.J. Goodale,  of Carthage.

Watertown Herald
Saturday, June 23, 1894  
Gegoux,  the artist has recently finished a life size bust pastel portrait of the late Flora E., daughter of Mr. Eri Cooley  of Rodman.  Although not painted from life, it looks very life like.

Watertown Herald
Saturday, November 12, 1896  
"A Young Paganini"  a picture representing a student playing his violin in the early evening painted by Theodore Gegoux  of this city, has been hung in the Carnegie Art Galleries at Pittsburg, PA.  
Artist Theodore Gegoux  has opened an art gallery in the Paddock arcade.  It is an exhibition of the artist's paintings and portraits.

Watertown Herald
Saturday, February 18, 1897  
A beautiful picture of Public Square, by night, entitled "After the Shower"  has been presented by artist Theodore Gegoux  to the Citizens club.

Watertown Herald
Oct - Dec 1899  
Prof. Theodore Gegoux   has an elegant; portrait of George M. Babbit  on exhibit in W.W. Coude's store.  Mr. Babbit; was employed there when he enlisted in the Co M?,of the 71st N.Y.V.  He died and was buried at sea on Aug. 13, 1898.

Watertown Daily Times
Oct. 7, 1904  
It is seldom that we encounter a teacher so good, kind and true as to inspire in the hearts of her pupils a love and esteem so strong that it will endure for 20 years.  Seldom, too, do we find boys who cherish the memory of their beloved teacher long after their school days are over, perpetuating that memory by placing before future graduates her portrait.  But such a teacher was Cornelia M. Johnson,  who for 28 years held the position of preceptress of Watertown High School, during which time she won "her boys" by her kind words and noble example.  This morning in the auditorium of the new high school, D.W. Cahill, of the class of 1881, in behalf of the boys of Miss Johnson's classes, presented to the institution a portrait of their well-remembered teacher, executed at their expense by artist Theodore Gegoux.

The Journal and Republican, Lowville, N. Y.
Thursday, July 23, 1908  
Prof. Theodore Gegoux,  the artist of Watertown, has executed a very handsome colored crayon of the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Moore,  of this Village, and presented the same to them.

The Journal and Republican, Lowville, N. Y.
Thursday, May 5, 1910  
The whereabouts of Theodore Gegoux,  the Watertown artist who mysteriously disappeared last December after completing a painting in Cleveland, Ohio, remains unknown, despite every effort made to locate him.  Several years ago Mr. Gegoux  was located in Lowville, and went from this place to Watertown.

The Journal and Republican, Lowville, N. Y.
Thursday, July 9, 1931  
Artist and Photographer, Formerly of Lowville, Dies In California at Age of 81 Years.
Theodore Gegoux,  81, artist and photographer, a half century ago a resident of Lowville, and Later residing in Watertown, died Friday at Pasadena, Calif.  The body will be brought to Watertown for burial in Brookside cemetery.  
A native of France, Mr. Gegoux  came here early in life.  He ran a studio in Lowville prior to locating in Watertown, and painted many portraits of local citizens.  The portrait of Amos V. Smiley,  then editor of the Journal and Republican, was one of his efforts.  
Mr. Gegoux  disappeared from Watertown 21 years ago.  It was discovered later he had gone to the Pacific coast.  He established a studio in Champoeg, Ore., and spent six years absorbing atmosphere for his masterpiece.  The theme of this was the voting of Oregon in 1843 to join the Union.  The painting, of enormous size, occupies a place In the Champoeg Memorial building In Oregon.  
Mr. Gegoux  was a sculptor as well as painter. He taught In conservatories of Belgium, Paris, New York and Montreal.  Mr. Gegoux  leaves his widow, and a son, Frank Gegoux,  Watertown.  The funeral was held Tuesday at South Pasedena, Calif., and the body will arrive In Watertown in about ten days.

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