News of Gegoux Portraits
Art work by  Theodore Gegoux  (1850 - 1931)

The Journal & Republican Lowville, New York
April 23, 1879 - Wednesday  
Mr. Leon Talcott  is having a life-size crayon portrait executed of himself, to be presented to his mother.  Prof. Gegoux  is the artist.

The Watertown Daily Times
August 28, 1879  
Antwerp fair opened yesterday.  
The entries were larger than last year at the same time, but being the first day of the exhibits had not been arranged entirely, and as usual but few people had put in an appearance.  Among the exhibitors is the artist Gegoux  of Watertown.  He had on exhibit the handsome picture of Litz  .  Mr. Gegoux  and his work are increasing each day in popularity.  Charles Bannister is on the grounds with some fine furniture.  Jarvis is on the grounds with his best organs, and H. F. Pauling is also there with several fine machines ready for the inspection of the crowds.
The Journal & Republican Lowville, New York
April 7, 1880 - Wednesday  
Prof. Gegoux's Latest Accomplishment  
The portrait exhibited by Prof. Gegoux  in Hanford & Waterman's show window was crayoned under very peculiar circumstances.  The picture is a correct likeness of the Widow of the late J. Griswold  of Adams, and the daughter of the Hon. Nathan Strong, of Rodman, and was made by the Professor without any copy whatever.  Mr. G. had photographs of the lady's near relatives and by a description of her peculiar traits, her ideas, her ways and moods, he drew a correct, portrait of her, and the picture is said to be so perfect that it can be instantly recognized by even casual acquaintances.  The phenomenal artist has received a long letter from a relative of the lady who closes with the following remarks "You have by this accomplishment manifested just where your genius comes in your ability to seize from language alone the characteristics of any person never seen and give them expression in such a way that the tout ensemble should be recognized by even casual acquaintances. This is the point your friend must amplify if you wish to reap the full benefit of your labor.  As for the part I have had in the work, whatever is necessary to make your own clear and intelligible to the public, you are free to make use of.  I place no restrictions, the laurels are yours." (E. M. G. in Watertown Times) Prof. Gegoux  will be in town on Saturday next and will return in the evening.

The Journal & Republican Lowville, New York
December 29, 1881 - Thursday  
The residence of A. C. Boshart  , of this village, was the scene of unusual gaiety, last Friday evening.  The occasion was the annual Christmas reunion of the Boshart families.  At an early hour the guests began to assemble, and before seven P.M. the parlors were filled with a large and merry party.  At that hour a collation was served, after which the heavily laden tree, which had previously been commented upon for its beauty, was divested of its burden.  All were generously remembered with presents, and fun was current during there distribution, owing to the fact that Mr. Wm. Boshart was not found wanting with a witty remark when the occasion required.  Some of the gifts were of great value, diamonds and other elegant jewelry being bestowed upon several present.  The festivities continued until a late hour and all pronounced the reunion of 1881 one long to be remembered.  To the regret of Mr. John G. Moshier the beautifully executed and life like portrait of his deceased grandson , which was ordered as a Christmas present for his daughter, Mrs. A. C. Boshart, did not arrive until the following evening.  All who have seen it pronounce it one of Prof. Gegoux's  finest pictures.

The Watertown Herald
July 20, 1889 - Saturday  
Miss Martha W. Hardy, of Sanfords Corners has engaged Prof. Gegoux  to paint a life-size portrait of her father, David Hardy .

The Watertown Herald
October 2, 1897 - Saturday  
Artist Theodore Gegoux  has presented a handsome painting of a Sentry on Guard at Peekskill , to the 39th Separate company. It will adorn the wall of the Armory.

The Watertown Herald
September 1, 1900 - Saturday  
A number of the friends of the late Edwin Bingham  have presented to his former partner and business successor, Fred Sargent, a beautiful portrait of Mr. Bingham, executed by Theodore Gegoux .

The Watertown Herald
March 12, 1910 - Saturday  
Theodore Gegoux , a local artist has presented a copy of his picture of the Flower Library by Night  to the institution.  The picture is in color showing the lights at the front of the institution and is a most interesting one Dr. S. A. Hayt, the librarian, will have the picture framed and hang,it in the children's room.  To each one of the librarians, Mr. Gegoux presented copies of his painting, "The Salute"  showing the steamer St. Lawrence throwing the searchlight upon a sail boat on the St. Lawrence River.

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