Claude-Joseph Vernet (1714-1789)

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Claude-Joseph Vernet
- 1778 -
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Biographical information from "The World Dictionary of Art"
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Vernet segment by Philip Conisbee.
Claude-Joseph Vernet (1714-1789):
Early Years and Rome to 1753 - Part 1.
Early Years and Rome to 1753 - Part 2.
Later Career 1753 - 1789
Critical Reception and Post Humous Reputation.

Italien Landscape
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Vernet Paintings - A Guide to Worldwide Locations.
The World's Master Paintings by Christopher Wright
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Clair de Lune   "Clair de Lune" - painted in 1771
Port of Palermo   "Port of Palermo by Moonlight"
- painted in 1769
Gulf of Naples   "View of the Gulf of Naples"
- painted in 1748
Mt. Vesuvius   "View of Naples and Vesuvius"
Toulon   "La ville et la rade de Toulon"
A Fishing Scene   "A Fishing Scene"
A Shipwreck   "A Shipwreck"
Engravings   "A pair of Engravings"
Italien Landscape   "An Italien Landscape"
Italien Landscape   "Le Retour de la Pêche
Italien Landscape   "Les Pêcheurs Fortunés
Italien Landscape   "Les Differens Travaux d'un Port Mer
Italien Landscape   "Vue des Environs de Naples"

Other works by Claude-Joseph Vernet (1714-1789).
Black and white pictures.
Drawings by Vernet.
Recent sales of Vernet paintings
A set of four paintings - Phases of the Day by Vernet.  Color Images
Another set of four paintings - Phases of the Day by Vernet.  Black & White Images

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