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Claude-Joseph Vernet
Avignon 1714 - Paris 1789
Claude-Joseph Vernet began his long career as a follower of Salvator Rosa, and from this artist he inherited his sense of drama.  His best pictures are his seascapes, whose delicate evocations of atmosphere are in many cases derived from Claude.  Vernet's greatest commission was a series of pictures of the ports of France (Paris, Musée de la Marine).
Florence Ingersoll-Smouse, Joseph Vernet, peintre de marine, 2 vols, Paris, 1926 (catalogue raisonne').
Major Collections
Avignon, Musée Calvet
Leningrad, Hermitage
Moscow, Pushkin
Museum Paris, Louvre
Stockholm, Nationalmuseum.

Accrington Haworth Art Gallery
Storm off the French coast

Aix-en-Provence Musée Granet
Marine (1740)
Marine, moonlight

Ajaccio Musée Fesch

Alençon Musée des Beaux-Arts

Algiers Musée National des Beaux-Arts
Seaport, mist

Angers Musée des Beaux-Arts
Marine, the start of the storm

Antwerp Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten

Aschaffenburg Staatsgalerie
Stormy sea

Ascoli Piceno Pinacoteca
Calm sea
Stormy sea

Auch Musée des Jacobins

Avignon Musée Calvet
Alpine shepherdess (1763)
The departure from the port (1749)
Evening at sea (1766)
Midday on the land (1766)
Morning at sea (1766)
Morning on the land (1766)
Port at sunrise (1757)
Port by moonlight (1774)
The port of Genoa (1777)
Setting sun (1751)
Storm (1753)
Storm (1777)
Storm (1785)
Turkish traders (1773 (?))

Baltimore Walters Art Gallery
Landscape with a waterfall and figures (1768)

Barnard Castle Bowes Museum
Nymphs bathing (1771)

Basle Öffentliche Kunstsammlung
Storm at sea (1780)

Belweder, Warsaw Palace
In a port
Port and an arch of rocks

Bergamo Accademia Carrara
Calm sea

Berlin-Dahlem Staatliche Museen
View of Nogent-sur-Seine (1764)

Besançon Musée des Beaux-Arts
Noctural marine (I766)

Birmingham, Alabama Museum of Art
The cascade at Tivoli

Bordeaux Musée des Beaux-Arts
Fire at night (1754)
Nocturnal marine
Port at sunset (1748)

Bourges Musée du Berri

Bowhill, Selkirkshire The Duke of Buccleuch
A seaport (1750)
A waterfall (1746)

Brescia Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo
Port scene at night

Bristol City Art Gallery
Coast scene with Genoa lighthouse

Bruges Museum Groeninge
A storm (1759)

Brussels Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts
The port

Budapest Museum of Fine Arts (Szépmüvészeti Museum)
Castle ruins

Caen Musée des Beaux-Arts

Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum
View on the Arno

Carpentras Musée Duplessis
Fire at night (1754)
Moonlight (1753)
Port Storm

Châlons-sur-Marne Musée Garinet
Storm scene

Chartres Musée des Beaux-Arts
Nocturnal marine

Châteauroux Musée Bertrand
Storm (1787)

Cheltenham Art Gallery
Landscape with a cascade and a bridge (1758)

Cherbourg Musée Thomas Henry
Landscape (1750)

Chicago Art Institute
The morning (1760)

Clamecy Musée
Effect of setting sun (attributed) (1784)

Cleveland, Ohio Museum of Art
The waterfalls at Tivoli

Compiègne Chateau
Alpine shepherdess
Evening at sea
Morning at sea

Copenhagen Statens Museum for Kunst
Coast scene
Harbour scene
Landscape with a river

Dallas, Texas Museum of Art
Landscape with an approaching storm

Detroit Institute of Arts
Storm at sea

Dijon Musée des Beaux-Arts
The boat-haulers (1764)
The Tiber and the Aventine Hill (1749)

Dijon Musée Magnin
The tree on the cliff

Dresden Gemäldegalerie
A burning town

Dublin National Gallery of Ireland
Death of Regulus (after Salvator Rosa, qv)

Dublin National Gallery of Ireland, Beit Collection
Port scene
Port scene
Port scene
Port scene

Dunkirk Musée des Beaux-Arts
Marine (1764)
Storm scene

Épinal Musée Départemental des Vosges
The Villa of Maecenas and the Temple of Sibyl, Tivoli

Florence Uffizi
Landscape with a waterfall
Storm on the coast

Fontainebleau Château
Marine, setting sun (1753)

Geneva Musée d'Art et d'Histoire
The storm

Genoa Palazzo Bianco
The falls of Tivoli

Gotha Schlossmuseum
The harbour of Marseille

Grenoble Musée de Peinture et de Sculpture
Marine, fog effect

The Hague Mauritshuis
The cascades of Maecenas near Tivoli
The harbour of Livorno in stormy weather

Hamburg Kunsthalle
Storm off the coast (1782)

Harare National Gallery of Zimbabwe
Ships driven onto the shore in a storm

Hartford, Connecticut Wadsworth Atheneum
The storm (1787)

Heidelberg Kurpfälzisches Museum
River landscape with fishermen at sunset

Hull Ferens Art Gallery
Coast scene (1765)

Kansas City, Missouri Nelson Gallery
Bridge and Castel Sant' Angelo, Rome

Karlsruhe Staatliche Kunsthalle
The Turk grooming himself
A Turk watching fishermen

Kassel Staatliche Gemäldegalerie, Schloss Wilhelmshöhe
Marine landscape with soldiers

La Fère Musée Jeanne d'Aboville
Port Storm

La Rochelle Musée des Beaux-Arts
The storm

Leeds Temple Newsam House
Harbour scene

Leipzig Museum der bildenden Künste
Italian harbour
Seascape with ships

Leningrad Hermitage
Dark evening
Death of Virginia (1789)
Entry to the harbour of Palermo (1769)
The falls of Tivoli (1747)
Gust of wind
Harbour in Ancona
Italian harbour (1749)
Landscape with a bridge at night
Landscape with a castle by the coast (1769)
Landscape with fishermen
Morning at Castellammare (1747)
Port with an obelisk
Returning with the catch
Rocks by the sea-coast (1751)
Ruins by a river mouth (1748)
Sea-coast with rocks (1753)
Seashore near Anzio
Shipwreck (1763)
Shipwreck (1788)
Storm (1765)
Storm on a rocky coast (1763)
Storm scene
View in Illyria (1761)
View in the park of the Villa Ludovisi, Rome (1749)
View near Sorrento

Lille Palais des Beaux-Arts
Marine (1748)

Lisbon Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga
Sea harbour

London National Gallery
River scene with fishermen (1751)
Seashore (1776)
Sporting-contest on the Tiber, Rome (1750)

London Wallace Collection
River scene
Storm scene with a shipwreck (1754)

London Wellington Museum
Sunset over a bay with figures

London (Dulwich) Dulwich Picture Gallery
Italian harbour scene (1749)
Italian landscape (1738)
Seaport sunrise (attributed)

Lyon Musée des Beaux-Arts

Madrid Prado
Children playing with a kite
Coast scene at Sorrento
Landscape with a waterfall and soldiers (1782)
Roman landscape with a sunset

Maisons-Lafitte Château
Landscape, moonlight (1759)
Landscape, the thunderclap

Manchester City Art Gallery
Coast scene with a British man-of-war (1766)

Marseille Palais Longchamp

Metz Musée Central
Port scene, environs of Marseille
Port scene, environs of Marseille

Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Italian harbour scene (1746)

Montargis Musée Girodet

Montpellier Musée Fabre
Beginning of a fair (1774)
Marine Shipwreck Sunset at sea
View of the town of Beaucaire

Moscow Pushkin Museum
After the storm
Bay with a rotunda
Fire at night
Fishermen and their nets at Capri Lighthouse in a storm
Marine, setting sun (1746)
Port with a classical arch
Romantic landscape (1746)
Seaport, misty effect
Storm at sea Sunrise (1746)

Munich AIte Pinakothek
Coast scene with the setting sun (1760)
Evening scene
Oriental seaport with sunrise

Nancy Musée des Beaux-Arts
The Arc des Quadri
Monuments at Rome

Nantes Musée des Beaux-Arts
Fishermen at sea

New York Brooklyn Museum
Storm on the coast
The wreck

New York Metropolitan Museum
Harbour scene with fishermen and a grotto

Newcastle upon Tyne Hatton Gallery
Italianate landscape

Nice Musée Chéret

Nieborow Palace
A rocky coast

Nîmes Musée des Beaux-Arts
Bathers (1753)

Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental Art

Oldenburg Gemäldegalerie
Coast scene

Orléans Musée des Beaux-Arts
The falls at Tivoli
Women fishing

Ottawa National Gallery of Canada
View of Lake Nemi (1748)

Oxford Ashmolean Museum
'La nuit'
River scene with bathers (1770)

Paris Louvre
The arsenal at Toulon (1756)
Bathers by a marine grotto, morning (1772)
Bridge and Castel Sant' Angelo, Rome (1745)
Construction of a road in the mountains (1774)
Entry into the port of Marseille (1754)
Marine landscape on the Mediterranean coast (1773)
Marine, midday: Fishermen holding a net
Marine, moonlight
Marine, setting sun
Marine, setting sun (1774)
Marine, sunset: Fishermen pushing a barge
The Ponte Rotto, Rome
Seaport, moonlight
View of Naples with Vesuvius
View of the Gulf of Naples (1748)

Paris Musée de la Marine
The cascades of Tivoli
The ports of France: Antibes (1757)
The ports of France: The arsenal of Toulon (1755)
The ports of France: Bayonne (1761)
The ports of France: Bayonne (1761)
The ports of France: Bordeaux (1759)
The ports of France: Dieppe (1765)
The ports of France: La Rochelle (1763)
The ports of France: Marseille (1755)
The ports of France: The old port of Toulon (1757)
The ports of France: Part of the port of Bordeaux (1759)
The ports of France: Sète (1757)
The ports of France: Rochefort (1763)
The ports of France: The tuna-fishers in the Gulf of Bandol
Seaport, calm
Seaport, storm

Paris Petit Palais
The falls at Tivoli
Landscape with washerwomen (1763)

Phoenix, Arizona Art Museum
Harbour of Boulogne

Poitiers Musée des Beaux-Arts
Fishermen by the sea (attributed)

Pommersfelden Schloss Schönborn
Storm on the coast

Ponce, Puerto Rico Museo de Arte
The shipwreck (1783)

Prague National Gallery

Québec Musée du Séminaire
The port of Bordeaux

Quimper Musée des Beaux-Arts
Landscape with fishermen
Landscape with fishermen
Marine (1772)

Ragley Hall, Warwickshire The Marquess of Hertford

Richmond, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Moonlight scene (1760)

Riom Musée Mander After the storm

Rochefort Musée
The port of Rochefort in 1762

Rohrau Schloss (Graf Harrach Collection)
Harbour in morning mist (1751)
Harbour, sunset (1751)
Morning on the water
Storm at sea (1752)

Rome Accademia di S. Luca
Seashore near Anzio

Rouen Musée des Beaux-Arts
Marine, evening Waterfall (1773)

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Musée de l' Île de France

St Louis Washington University
Harbour scene (attributed)

San Diego, California Timken Art Gallery
Seaport at sunset (1749)

San Francisco Art Museums
Bathers (1786)

Schleissheim Staatsgalerie
Harbour (1770)
Sea--coast and storm (1770)

Stockholm Nationalmuseum
Fishermen at night by a fire
Moonlit scene with fishermen
Rocky coast with bathers
Sailing ship
Sunset with figures and ruins

Stourhead, Wiltshire National Trust
Storm and shipwreck

Strasbourg Musée des Beaux-Arts
Bathers in a grotto (1787)

Stuttgart Staatsgalerie
Storm at sea
View of a seaport

Sydney Art Gallery of New South Wales
Storms and wreck

Toledo, Ohio Museum of Art
Evening (1753)

Toulon Musée
The torrent

Tours Musée des Beaux-Arts
Alpine shepherdess (1763)

Troyes Musée des Beaux-Arts
Storm (1750)

Turin Museo Civico

Udine Museo Civico

Uppark, Sussex National Trust
The four times of day (four pictures) (1751)
River landscape (1751)
River landscape (1751)

Vercelli Museo Borgogna
Landscape with a fountain near a torrent

Versailles Château
Charles IV and his court hunting
Evening: Sunset (1762)
Midday: The storm (1762)
Morning: Fishing (1762)
Night: Moonlight (1762)

Warrnambool Art Gallery
Italian landscape (attributed)

Warsaw National Museum
Harbour (1758)
Harbour by night
Landscape, moonlight
Port in the morning (1774)
Port in the morning (1774)

Wilton House, Wiltshire The Earl of Pembroke
Harbour scene (1755)

Winterthur Rathaus (Briner Stiftung}
Moonlit landscape (1770)

Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire The Marquess of Tavistock